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Gems Essence, an IT company, developed the project FinNotes as a comprehensive platform to assist users in learning about investments. FinNotes provides organized and illuminating information, connects users with valuable resources, and offers a step-by-step plan to enhance investment knowledge. Additionally, it incorporates a system to track users' learning progress, enabling them to stay informed and make informed investment decisions.


The primary objective of the FinNotes project is to create a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to learn about investments in a structured and efficient manner. The goal is to provide curated and reliable investment information, foster user engagement through interactive learning resources, and offer a tracking system to monitor and improve the learning progress.


To address the challenges and achieve the project objectives, the following solutions were implemented

Learning resources integration

Interactive learning resources, such as articles, videos, and tutorials, were seamlessly integrated into the platform. These resources were carefully curated to provide users with valuable insights and education about investments.

Analytics and performance monitoring

Google Analytics and New Relic were implemented to track user behavior, analyze platform usage patterns, and monitor the performance of the FinNotes platform.

Tracking and progress monitoring

FinNotes incorporated a tracking system that enabled users to set learning goals, track their progress, and measure their achievements. This feature encouraged continuous learning and improvement.


During the development of the FinNotes platform, the Gems Essence team encountered several challenges. Some of the key challenges included.

Information organization and presentation

Creating a system to efficiently organize and present investment-related information in a structured and easily understandable format.

Integration of learning resources

Incorporating interactive learning resources and providing seamless access to valuable content to enhance user engagement and knowledge acquisition.

Tracking and progress monitoring

Developing a tracking system to enable users to monitor their learning progress, set goals, and track their achievements.


The FinNotes platform utilized the following technologies

1 Back-end

- Ruby and Ruby on Rails (Rails) were used for the development of the backend, providing a reliable and efficient framework for building the platform.

2 Front-end

- ReactJS and webpacker were utilized to create a dynamic and responsive user interface, enhancing the user experience.

3 APIs

- APIs were integrated to gather real-time investment data and provide accurate and up-to-date information to users.

4 Information organization and presentation

- FinNotes implemented a structured information architecture to ensure the organized presentation of investment-related content. This allowed users to navigate and access relevant information easily.


The implementation of the FinNotes project yielded several positive outcomes
  • Structured investment knowledge: Users of the FinNotes platform were able to access organized and illuminating investment information, providing them with a solid foundation for understanding investment concepts and strategies.
  • Enhanced user engagement: The integration of interactive learning resources, such as articles, videos, and tutorials, increased user engagement and knowledge acquisition.
  • Personalized learning experience: The tracking system allowed users to monitor their progress, set goals, and track achievements, enabling a personalized learning journey.
  • Performance optimization: Google Analytics and New Relic facilitated monitoring of user behavior, platform usage, and performance, allowing continuous improvement and optimization.


The FinNotes project developed by Gems Essence successfully achieved its objectives of creating a user-friendly platform for investment learning. By utilizing technologies such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, APIs, and integrating analytics tools, Gems Essence created a robust and engaging learning experience for users. FinNotes provides organized investment information, interactive learning resources, and a tracking system, empowering users to enhance their investment knowledge and make informed decisions. The platform continues to serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to expand their understanding of investments.