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OneTransact, a project by Gems Essence, aims to revolutionize the payment service landscape by providing exceptional solutions to expand businesses. With a focus on growth and innovative features, OneTransact serves as a trusted payment service partner for businesses seeking to enhance their payment processes and drive business expansion.


The objective of the OneTransact project was to develop a comprehensive payment service platform that enables businesses to seamlessly expand their operations. The goal was to provide businesses with a feature-rich solution that streamlines payment processes, enhances user experience, and facilitates business growth.


To overcome these challenges and achieve the project's objectives, the Gems Essence team implemented the following solution

Customized Payment Service Platform

Leveraging Ruby on Rails, the team developed a custom payment service platform tailored to the specific needs of businesses. The platform offered a seamless integration process, facilitating effortless adoption by businesses of varying sizes and industries.

Enhanced Security Measure

Robust security protocols, encryption techniques, and adherence to industry best practices were implemented to safeguard sensitive customer data. The team prioritized data protection to build trust and establish OneTransact as a secure payment service partner.

Scalable Infrastructure

By utilizing technologies such as Twilio and Sidekiq, the team created a scalable infrastructure that could handle high transaction volumes efficiently. This ensured the platform's ability to grow alongside businesses and handle increased demands without compromising performance.


The Gems Essence team encountered several challenges during the development of OneTransact

Seamless Integration

Ensuring a seamless integration of the payment service platform with various business systems and websites posed a significant challenge. It required careful planning and coordination to provide a unified experience across different platforms.

Security and Trust

Building a secure payment service platform that instills trust in both businesses and their customers was a top priority. Addressing security concerns and implementing robust security measures required meticulous attention to detail.

Scalability and Performance

Designing a scalable and high-performance payment platform capable of handling increasing transaction volumes was crucial. The team needed to ensure the solution could accommodate business growth without compromising speed or reliability.


The Gems Essence team leveraged the following technologies to develop OneTransact

1 Ruby on Rails

- Ruby on Rails served as the foundation for developing the payment service platform. Its robust framework allowed for rapid development, seamless integration, and customization to meet specific business requirements.

2 Twilio

- Integration with Twilio's communication API enabled real-time transaction updates and notifications to be sent to businesses and customers. This facilitated effective communication and improved user engagement.

3 Sidekiq

- Sidekiq, a background job processing library, ensured efficient transaction processing, even during high-demand periods. It provided a reliable and scalable solution for handling transaction queues and optimizing performance.


The implementation of OneTransact yielded significant results
  • Enhanced Security and Trust: The robust security measures implemented within OneTransact instilled trust among businesses and their customers. This resulted in a reduction in fraudulent activities, safeguarding sensitive data and fostering long-term customer relationships.
  • Increased Customization Options: Customers were able to personalize their glass products by choosing from a wide range of templates and customizing them with text, images, and graphics. This increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Scalability and Performance: The scalable infrastructure of OneTransact allowed businesses to seamlessly scale their operations, accommodating increased transaction volumes without compromising performance. This flexibility empowered businesses to expand their customer base and achieve growth targets.


OneTransact, developed by Gems Essence, has successfully addressed the challenges faced by businesses in the payment services landscape. By providing a seamless integration process, robust security measures, scalable infrastructure, and a feature-rich platform, OneTransact enables businesses to expand their operations, enhance user experiences, and drive business growth. As a result, Gems Essence has established itself as a trusted payment service partner, delivering innovative solutions for businesses to thrive in the digital economy.